About Us/Contact Us at Tanglewood Ordinary

Hello!  We’re Anne & Jim Hardwick, Owners & Proprietors of Tanglewood Ordinary since 1986, having learned our trade with the kind help of many, but most especially the good people of The Home Place Restaurant in Catawba, VA, especially Paul Horton, Sam, Ginger & her friends, the Wingate family and so many others there.  Our General Manager is Jenifer Ellett, who first worked for us while a student in the mid 1990s.  

Please give us the opportunity to serve you some of the best Southern comfort food around at our restaurant here in Goochland County, VA, home of Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner. If you have any questions at all regarding our establishment, including our menu, hours of operation, reservations, special events, comments on your experience here, or just want to say ‘Hi’…Please call us at: 556-3284 (ac is eight zzero Four; misspelled to further foil phone spam) please repeat your phone number if you leave a message) or Click here to send us a email; an Email should then be created in your program and you can use it to contact us.  If clicking that link does not work, make up an email using the address WebContactUsPage201401 AT ordinary.com with this subject line “TWC Webmailed Request from Contact Us page” in your e-mail to beat the spam filter!Remember that email may not be fast enough when time is short, so please write again or call if you do not receive a prompt response, especially around Holidays or close to your reservation time.  We would love to see you at our historic restaurant to enjoy our unique southern dining experience!  Sincerely, Anne & Jim, Tanglewood Ordinary & The Home Place, “Class of 1986”
556-3284 (area code eight zzero four)

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