HOLIDAYS & EVENTS INFO 2015: St Valentines–Easter–Mothers Day–Fathers Day–Thanksgiving–Christmas Parties–NYEve…more

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–for now–> St Valentines, Easter, Mothers & Fathers Days, and Thanksgiving–all here before you know it!

We are almost always closed on Christmas Day and Eve unless announced differently here well in advance.  No such changes are planned for 2013.

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Please share our Holidays information with your friends!  Make your reservations for all our Holidays as EARLY as you can!

Watch for 2015 updates as each Holiday period approaches.

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Easter 2015 is APRIL 5 (flyer link above)
Mothers Day 2015 is May 10
Fathers Day 2013 at Tanglewood Ordinary is June 16 (flyer link here later)–make your reservations–prices are always the same that day as our all-inclusive Group Rate prices (click for details–$23 adult /$14 Big Kids/$8 Kids/free under age 4), regardless of party size

Thanksgiving 2015 at Tanglewood Ordinary is Thursday Nov 26; it is never too early to make reservations for this our annual busiest Day)

[Don’t forget December Christmas parties, here or there, and New Years Eve
•• We’ll be closed Friday Nov 27, 2015 only (the day after our spectacular Thanksgiving Dinner, reopening Saturday Nov 28th (if you can spare time from SHOPPING)]


For additional information & reservations (always make one for holidays or for a larger group, but we accept them any time and for any size group)–

556-3284 (area code eight zzero four)

(please REPEAT YOUR telephone number in any message)

and/or you may

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to reach us via email (remember to await our confirmation, especially on large groups, on calls as well as emails!)

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