Special–Tanglewood Select Dinners

Save with our “Tanglewood Select” Dinner

Draft—subject to change; please check with us for any changes b4 visiting

Join us at Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant any Thursday or Friday for a new lighter, value-priced option but still get a real FamilyStyle dinner with 2nds!  It is also available for certain private parties at arranged times and dates


In addition to our regular full FamilyStyle Dinner and Ten Buck Plate special dinner, we now offer our Tanglewood Select Dinner on Thursdays & Fridays (and by arrangement at private lunches, etc).

Dinner with—

  • 1 meat (we suggest our Famous Fried Chicken, but you pick)
  • 3 Sides (may be cook’s selections or from regular daily menu, as available)
  • Bread (may be cook’s selection or daily menu choices, as available)


Plus the following extras may be INCLUDED with your “Select” dinner at a small extra charge.

  • Beverage– Coffee, Iced Tea (including our famous Sweet Tea), or Lemonade
  • Dessert –Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup or any other available
  • Wine & beer.


Please read The FINE PRINT:

  • Available on Thursday and Friday nights only, and for some private parties on request (off days), particularly lunches.
  • Includes ALL YOU CAN EAT except any dessert.
  •  All in the party must choose the “Tanglewood Select” dinner and agree on entrée and sides from any choices offered.  We are unable to mix offerings at a table.
  • Please remember your servers when it comes to under 4 kids since we do not charge for them
  • In the event of split tickets, we may round UP each separately paid tab to the next whole dollar.
  • Sorry but we cannot do No Charge for those who sit with you and “do not eat”, unless approved IN ADVANCE when making a reservation, usually only for medical or similar reasons; we charge by the “head count” and age (of kids), not by how much they eat.
  • Holidays and special event days are different—always call or email if you did not see something about a particular one on this site.

“Tanglewood Select”

See our Price List:

Click for our Current TW Dinner Price List–revised 2014-05-17

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