Groups, Cakes, and Splitting the Bill–newly simplified

Recent changes in IRS rules on how service charges are treated (what we used to add automatically for groups but no longer do) vs tips.

PLEASE check with TW directly as this page is under re-construction primarily due to price changes in our group rates (tip is no longer automatically included on any of our prices).  We are trying to improve and better organize our site, continuously.

Group RATES, gratuities, bringing cakes, and partial payments on split tickets…

[see the current dinner price list (click HERE to view or download–subject to change) for all group & regular rates].  Holiday prices vary.

We want to make sure that good, prompt and smoothly-rendered service is always your experience.

Group Rates no longer include a service charge or tip.  That is added by you, the customer.

Please see below for additional information on splitting tickets and payments.

Group Rates.  They will still save you money, all-inclusive prices that are complete as to dinner, beverage (tea, coffee or lemonade), a specified dessert (usually our famous apple cobbler).  Sales Tax & gratuity are extra.

Want to split the bill?  See this page (click HERE) for our new quick & easy solution

If your party is exempt from Sales Tax, please bring the applicable filled out & signed Virginia Department of Taxation tax exemption form.

Children UNDER age 4 are always free at TW—if you would kindly add a tip for them (couple of bucks for each one, maybe? ‘specially if there was extra clean up involved, maybe?) our servers will really appreciate it, since otherwise they might get left out on them.
Note–Under 4 kids do not count toward minimums for catering or private party arrangements.  
All private parties, Holidays, after/before hours and on our “off” days, catering prices and offerings are subject to differing arrangements, offerings and prices, so rates, minimums (for private functions) and menu will vary.

Premium desserts & premium or alcoholic beverages are available at additional cost, ordered individually.  None of the Group Rates shown on this site  include them [see the link to beer & wine prices, click HERE — take note that we get in new ones and delete others so the list is hard to keep current].

For any party–if the host does not want alcoholic beverages offered AT ALL regardless of who pays, just tell us.  Similarly, we can do “cash bar”—please also request this.

For a group wanting all BUT the dessert included, we offer similar & more reduced adult & children prices (see Menu page).  Please note that if you elect this method, anyone in the group may then order dessert at its regular price.

Bringing a birthday cake or similar?  Then the group prices are less, and we provide plates and ice cream, included in those rates.  Legal and insurance rules require that we allow commercially prepared cakes, only, not home-prepared goods.  Please handle with care in warm weather and put a name on the box.  PLEASE NOTE: We have no provision for permitting customer provided desserts brought without being charged the CAKE rate, sorry—THE SAME RATES APPLY even if you decline the plates & ice cream.  VERY IMPORTANT: If you need to bring in any outside food, please clear it with us in advance as Virginia Department of Health & insurance rules are justifiably strict.

We cannot mix the rates nor can we convert a party to or from a rate after service commences.
•• Please note this from our experience–Making the Group Rate decision with everyone talking and having a good time (ie, not listening), can be a challenge—it is BEST to discuss it with your party in advance, if a joint decision is required.  How about circulating the link to our site by email?  If we know in advance that you wish to use a Group Rate, your table will be set up with pitchers of beverages and glasses, something many find appealing and convenient as they arrive.

•• Another good idea: please be SURE to let everyone in the group know what the reservation maker asked for.  If someone in the group has not previously been here or has paid only the individual rate, they may be caught off guard since they may not know what the Group Rate includes.

There is a savings built into our Group Rates, which we are passing along.  Both offer a particular savings where more than one type of included beverage is ordered by guests: For example: coffee with dessert after tea with dinner?  No extra charge on the Group Rate!

About “ticket splitting” and partial payments:

All partial payments of any type may be rounded UP to the next even dollar.

If possible and especially if not using a Group Rate and/or on our busy holidays, we ask that groups make one single payment on the guest ticket for the entire party.

But, NEW and
Helpful for large parties who wish to ticket-split: bring a list of those attending or make one after arrival and create a unique name for each “sub-group” within your party–then…

We have a new “helper” for groups needing to split bills:
See this page (click HERE) for our new quick & easy solution

Another easy method often used where families want to pay as such within a group is to split the bill into even parts by simply dividing the total by the number of people, then multiplying.  That result may not be exact but will get you home MUCH faster.  We can actually do this for you when you check out.

Please note:
If anyone fails to pay their part on a split ticket, the responsibility for paying that share is on the person who made the reservation or the last one to pay, at our sole option and discretion, if no one can identify who failed to pay.  However, if you use our advance method/form and we create separate tabs this is unlikely to occur as we can make sure all items are on someone’s tab before any payments are taken.

One last thing, repeated here from our in-house sign:

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot correct guest ticket errors after you leave our premises nor can we reduce prices, change group choices or customer counts once your table is served.  It is just not possible to make exceptions on the foregoing and we appreciate your understanding & cooperation.

If you have questions, we are as near as your phone or an e mail.

This information is subject to frequent change as it is being updated and clarified, so to be certain, please call us before you visit if the details are important for you to know before you get here.

For more information, please call us

556-3284 (area code 804) and you can now send us a text on this number


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