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If you’d like to make a reservation
[and for much more information also, below…Please read on for Group rate information and more]

Our physical address:
2210 River Road W
Maidens, VA 23102
FYI: Patterson Av, VA Rt 6, River Road W and W River Road (in Fluvanna) are all the same road.  VDOT sez “You’re Welcome”.

Glad to help with a reservation for “Grandmothers Sunday Dinner”
We start at 430 PM on Friday and Sat, and Noon on Sunday; Always ALWAYS check with us about Holidays!

If you ask for a time between half hrs we will round up to the next hour or half hour

[Want a private party here, Catering at your site or food pickup, delivered or fully catered?  Send us an email with your needs; include as much as you can tell us, to get us started on a proposal for you]

To make a Reservation for you, we need (if you omit anything it will slow down getting a reservation)…

-Your First and Last name;

Phone number, cell preferred

Date & Time you want;

Number of adult guests including kids in regular chairs, with a separate number for kids needing high chairs (boosters go in regular chairs), wheelchair access, dietary or similar–we are a small place so the more and the sooner we know, the more we can DO 😬!

Any other special requests so we can be ready for you;  It’s ESPECIALLY important to let us know about any dietary or similar limitations!  The more advance notice the more likely we can help.

-If you have a group of 6 or more, please see below for  links to additional helpful and money-saving information about our Group rate!

–>Any other questions, just ask; Grandmother thanks you!

A text to or calling us is best for regular reservations 804ac-556-32 [space added only to prevent spammer capture] 84
–Please be patient with our “small business phone department”; it’s just us chickens here, especially–
—From Sunday Night to Friday afternoon (ie, when we are closed), it’s best to send a text if we can help that way or we’ll call you back on request, maybe not right away and of course we’ll do our best to answer live during those times, when we can;
—From about 1.5 hours before Opening on Fri-Sat-Sun until about an hour after, our phone lights up like a shooting star.  We welcome all calls but again, please be patient during those times  and use texting if you can.  Please recall that voice mail is  often delayed in reaching us (Verizon/Apple blame each other; we blame them both!)–texting is usually much more reliable and  timely.  Email is wonderful but not good for time-sensitive!!

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Group rate information and Bill splitting—

(It’s Optional) Group Rate and Easy Bill Splitting

3 links–

—>CLICK here for *Information on our group rate

—>CLICK for *Easy bill splitting information

••CLICK HERE for current Price List (As of JAN 2023)

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“50 miles ago”?…indeed!

Thank you from
Anne & Jim Hardwick
Props. since 1986

Jenifer Ellett
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