Tanglewood’s 37th FamilyStyle Thanksgiving Dinner

TG 2022 v2a 🦃🦃🦃🦃

For Thanksgiving 2022 we are planning this menu (please be patient if a change or 2 is made):

•Roasted sliced turkey breast and gravy

•Virginia country ham

•Red skin mashed potatoes

•Seasoned green beans

•Sweet potato casserole

•Savory stuffing

•Glazed sliced carrots


••2nds on the house on the above are included!  Served FamilyStyle at your table; no waiting in the buffet line required!

•Two special Thanksgiving desserts (pumpkin pie being one!) or Apple cobbler for dessert.  Other premium desserts available for a nominal extra charge

•Choice of tea coffee and lemonade, in any combination

NOTE The price shown in the linked information below includes the sales tax and the suggested tip.

Here is what you may need to know about making a reservation for our 37th Tanglewood Ordinary FamilyStyle Thanksgiving Dinner!

Please give us the following information so we can find a spot for you!

1- Your first and last name, plus

Your Email address if you are texting or

Your cell phone #, if you are emailing

[We need ’em both]

2- Your preferred time, earliest arrival being 11 AM that day; Please be flexible at this late date–we have only a few spots left, mostly at 11 AM and then later in the day.

Helpful–If we cannot hit that time exactly, would earlier or later be possible and how much?

You will still get to say OK to any time offered.

3- Number of guests, in 2 parts

a–The number of seats (that includes boosters) for adults and kids, and

b–The number of high chairs, if you need any of those

[2 separate numbers, really important so we can offer you the right table]

4–Any special requirements: seating, dietary or other limitations; NO promises for this busy day, but we’ll try to at least tell you what we can do if anything

We need ALL that information, please!  Remember that email can be slow when time is of the essence, though it’s OK to send your initial information that way (but be sure to include all the information).  The main time we will use email is to send out the Advance Payment and confirmation bills.  Texting works better than voice mail.

Final Confirmation will require Advance Payment but only after we confirm all details to your satisfaction.

If you have already called or sent a text with at least some information, we’ll be in touch; we’ll try to allow you some seating & times priority based on when you called.

The cost this year for Adults (ages 12 up) is $56.99 which includes the following: Our 37th FamilyStyle Thanksgiving Dinner

3 beverage & 2 dessert choices

New this year, it includes–

Sales tax, and

A (voluntary) tip of 20 %.

Kids under 12 will be $25, except for high chair tykes.  Advance payment will be required for Final Confirmation; menu and other details will be available before you have to commit and pay.

Our email address for TG correspondence–

“TWMGMT2210@Gmail.Com”, with

“TWC TG 2022”

[leave off the “”]

at the beginning of your subject line.

Please bear in mind that email is too slow for anything of timed importance!

Thank you for your patience; it’s our busiest day of the year and we want to make sure we don’t make mistakes that might spoil your dinner experience!

If you have any questions, please ask, sooner the better!

804-five five six-3284 text or voice

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