Group Rate Information

Revised Nov 2021

<•Please SHARE this info with your group “Deciders”•>

Group Rate sort of quick explanation, but it will be worth your while to read the whole thing, not just the first couple of sentences 😬.  Please note information on bringing ANY outside dessert.  Thank you

A Reminder that more detailed info, pricing, etc is on our web site (sometimes under revision, if so please check back) or on request.  These notes refer only to our main FamilyStyle dinner, not applicable to our Plate Dinners or Catering/Pickup dinners.  By paying $24.99 for each adult instead of $18.99, we include each guest’s choice among three beverages (tea coffee and lemonade, and you can have more than one at no extra charge) and Apple Cobbler with Ice Cream (or whipped cream) for dessert, in addition to dinner.  Kid prices are correspondingly lower, if under 12.

Current estimated total of the group rate for Adults but including the FamilyStyle Dinner with 2nds on the house, 3 beverage choices and 1 dessert choice, suggested gratuity and sales tax,  is $31.50.

There is more about group rates at our Ordinary.Com homepage, called the “Need to Know” page.  Please see a linked document called “The Basics”.  Periodically we remove it for updating so please request the information if you do not see it currently available.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, glad to answer. We just need to know if you want to use the Group Rate by the time you’re seated, and please note the “one choice per party” requirement–we are unable to mix Group Rate and Regular Rates at a table.  Of course we can explain everything when you get here, but with a group of any size that can be difficult in a less than quiet environment like a restaurant.  Frankly, it works best for the person making the reservation to be informed & make that “Group Rate ” decision beforehand, talking to others as needed over email or text etc. Just giving you the benefit of our experience.  35 years open here as of May 1, 2021.

–Group pricing is Required when you bring a cake or ANY outside dessert so please be sure to ask any questions or refer to “The Basics” doc for more details if that affects you.

••Let us express our sincere appreciation for those who endeavor to be on time for their reservations, with all hands on board. This really is a case of consideration for the folks that might have have the table behind you, especially on holidays when we’re really busy; of course you AND we sincerely hope that the people who have the table before you take this into account as well 😉.

PS When you come on a holiday such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc, please note various policies, pricing and more may be different; some require deposits, for example. We ask your cooperation in assuring that you familiarize yourself with that event’s  particulars— we will do our best to make them clear and available.

Please also see the link on bill splitting w/out pain or suffering

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