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Our Famous FamilyStyle Meal…and MORE

•• Holiday & special day schedules, prices & offerings vary (Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, even Super Bowl Sunday, et al) — please watch for separate links ••

We have a “Menu in progress”–always a bit out of date as we add things–but click this often updated link

[“Watch this space” for new things]

•• New — ‘Tanglewood Takeout plates’ — $10 & up (1 serving: entree, 2 sides & bread, packaged to go!) ••

•••• Our Pork BBQ is from scratch right down to smoking it on premises ••••

Watch for more BBQ varieties soon

For over 28 years, Delicious food prepared here & mostly from scratch

•• Menu items, availability and pricing will change from time to time—please check back often for current information, especially while our NEW SITE is being “fine tuned”••

Featuring our signature fresh Fried Chicken plus 1 or more extra meat choices for the table, four vegetables of the day

Cole slaw, Biscuits, Cornbread and Gravy

All you can eat • 2nds are on the House!

Note our New kids pricing (ask for it when you come or see the price list link below)!

Click here for our Current TW Dinners price list rv2b

Always bear in mind that Holiday & Special Event prices and those for catering and privvate parties will differ.

Children UNDER age 4 are always free at TW—if you would kindly add a tip for them (couple of bucks or so for each child getting free dinner maybe? ‘specially if there was extra clean up involved?), our servers will really appreciate it.  They work hard to make everyone, including your youngest, feel welcome and well taken care of.

Beverages (including Beer & Wine selections) and desserts are sold separately.  There will soon be a full and regularly updated listing for those, with prices

• We have not yet started new offering (events interceded), but we are keeping a mailing list for those writing in (or just Like us on FaceBook–we send out VERY few posts) and will advise you when we have news.  Liking us on Facebook will keep you in touch).  Thank you for your patience and for your interest!

Send us an email & mention seeing this item on our site for a free discount offer to try out the new offerings:

Click here


BRINGING A GROUP, Cake or splitting the ticket? Click here for that page

We love Groups and Birthday parties of all sizes


Please see our Groups page for important information and for customer-provided cake details.  Current prices are available via the Price List link above.

Extra meat choices may include Roast Beef au jus, our own Pot Roast or Meatloaf, Virginia Country Ham, Carolina-style Smoked & Cooked here Pork BBQ and others (all depending on availability).
For example we usually make our MEAT LOAF for Friday night
and our delicious POT ROAST for Saturdays

Six or more Adults in the party get to choose TWO extra meats in addition to Chicken!

Twelve Adults or more get THREE (or more) extra meats on request!

All our desserts are house made, including Apple Cobbler with Ice Cream, Chocolate Fudge pie, Buttermilk Pecan Pie, Brownie Sundae…yum…

Don’t worry–2nds are not included on desserts ;-)

YES, we have Beer and Wine available!
And great Iced tea (YES, we have SWEET Tea–this is the South, folks; and we use genuine CANE sugar, too, no ‘high fructose’  junk – corn is bad for cows, too), Lemonade, Coffee and some soft drinks by the can
Refills are no charge on tea, coffee & lemonade

For Catering and private banquet information please call or send an email.  We’re working on adding more about those to this site soon.


Want something a bit lighter than OUR FAMILYSTYLE DINNER, without the 2nds?

Ask your server about our TANGLEWOOD PLATE dinner…your choice of one meat, two vegetables, biscuits or cornbread.  A great way to enjoy our southern flavors with our single serving plate option.

Please note — Plate Dinners are limited to groups of 4 or less due to space limitations in our kitchen

A separate menu page for Plate offerings will be up soon or just ask when you come in.  In general you may select your meat & sides from what we have that night.  The price is currently $9.99 & up per plate, single serving.

Or maybe a little more THAN THE PLATE OFFERING but less than the “full deal”?

Try our TANGLEWOOD SELECT dinner!  Celebrating 28+ years in business, we are serving our smaller FamilyStyle dinner with 2nds!  One entree, three vegetables, biscuit or cornbread, tea, coffee or lemonade, ice cream for dessert and sales tax.  Please click  HERE for the details.


Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve & Day, and St Valentines Day generally have special hours, pricing & sometimes varied menus–be SURE to make reservations for any Holiday or Special Event time.  Please remember we will accept a reservation for any party for any available date & time, including for your private party on any day subject to scheduling.

•• Menu items, availability and pricing will change from time to time—please check back often for current information, especially while our NEW SITE is being “fine tuned”••

We try to keep all information on this site up to date.  BUT–Please note that prices, menus, terms, offerings and other information as shown here may change without prior notice here.  The most up to date and correct information is always available at TW and overrides anything on this site if it differs.

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