Group, want to pay separately? EASIER STILL!

If you are bringing in a group that will want to split the bill and pay separately we can make it EASY if you’ll lend a hand in advance.  With that help we will take some information about who had what and create individual “sub” guest tickets for each party paying separately.  IN ADVANCE, so we are ready as each one comes to pay.

It’s easy.  On your request we will pre-print the bill and bring it to the table.  On the back of the bill or on a separate piece of paper, simply print (nice n legibly, please) a full name for each paying person taking part of the tab and then place a different number or letter  beside each name to ID them.  Use those numbers or letters (circle ’em)  on the front to tell us who pays for each line item.  Try to request the pre-print in time for us to separate things into bills for the parties paying after we get it back from you.  Our goal is no waiting when each person paying comes to the checkout.

If your group will be splitting things evenly (methods of payment can be mixed–card/cash/checks), no preparation needed but all the parties will need to come to pay at one time.

We have more detailed information on how this works—please email or text for it to be sent to you.

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