“Need to know” page: THANKSGIVING 2017; Price List, Catering, Groups, Ticket splitting, Plate dinners & More

 Thanksgiving 2017 – CLICK Here for the flyer – please read before making your reservation

Click here to send us an email about Thanksgiving 2017–please read the flyer

IMPORTANT–if you have a confirmed reservation and have NOT received an email with payment instructions, we may not have your address.  Please send us an email by clicking here, right away–include details of your reservation.  Failure to  complete payment may lapse your reservation.

Good news for all including larger parties seeking Lunchtime: Some cancellations have opened some space–send us a text or email for more information, include the size and details of your party and your preferred time on the half hour.  See the email click below.

Reservations taken from 1030 AM thru 7 PM. We will be confirming all reservations via email so please make SURE we have yours; some times requested have been changed so please check the confirmation carefully.  Please contact us if you have not received.  As of Nov 17 we are about 80% booked, including tight availability at Lunchtime–but see above {NEVER HURTS TO ASK}, though we do ask you to be flexible on time choices to max the chances–thank you!

And don’t forget Music & Dining on NEW YEARS EVE 2017 here at TW

Click here to send us an email about Thanksgiving 2017.  Please give us all the facts when you write–we cannot make a reservation from “Hi, do you have any space left for TG?”, for example.  Priority for reservations will be “first call/email/text, FIRST SEATED IF YOU TELL US TIME AND NUMBERS.  If you have made a reservation by phone or text, please repeat your time, number of seated adults & kids PLUS any high chairs needed as a SEPARATE number, and your phone number, cell preferred, in your email from here.  Thanks!!

Other information follows.

CLICK HERE for–A Brief introduction
Click here for our Tanglewood Video and be sure to view THE BASICS file (see below)

Please see the “click here” links below for further information

Click HERE to send us an email If your questions are not answered on this page (please use the TG email link above for Thanksgiving, thank you!)

If you do not receive a prompt response, please call or send a text–no means of contact is 100% error free!

[Please tell us as much as you can in the email so we can respond helpfully.   Email is great for general inquiries, setting up private parties, catering, and big events, especially well in advance.  But!!  Please remember that email is “not the fastest”,  so if time is short, please contact us by phone or, even better,  same number by text: 804-556-3284, since we can get text messages even when there is noise around during times we’re open etc]

Attention, 2017:  updates are in process for a lot of this information, please stay in touch with the website for more.  Ticket splitting for groups is explained in THE BASICS file referenced below, for example–it is now very simple if you tell us by the time we seat you.

During our updating process, some menu items on this site may not work. Please be patient while we work through getting our site modernized and all information up-to-date.   For now, this page will be your best source of current information. We urge you to take a vantage of the links below.

CLICK HERE for–THE BASICS information (Good place to start for new customers; will be updated soon)

CLICK HERE soon for–Our BEER & WINE PRICE LIST (this does get out of date often, so please ask your server for more information) UPDATING–will link our newest list–soon

CLICK HERE for–Our regular days DINNER PRICE LIST (catering & takeout quantities information available, just ask)

CLICK HERE for–Thanksgiving “2016” information ( 2017 Thanksgiving reservations taken NOW, prices will be available soon, not drastically different from 2016) ***  something on the site ate this file; we will replace it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(hover your mouse over the main name in the menu above for these; AVAILABLE SOON as directly accessible here–thank you for your patience with our “construction” process which never stops for web sites, sigh!):

Price List (non-holiday) (will appear as a PDF file in a new window)
Catering information
Groups information & Ticket splitting for groups
Our Tanglewood Plate dinners