Our “Ten Buck Plate” — Take Out or Enjoy It Here

Our new “Ten Buck Plate” Take Out or Enjoy It Here Deal is READY

Want to enjoy a “slice” of Tanglewood Ordinary for a deal of a price?  Want the choice of picking it up to take it with you or enjoying it here?  OK, how about trying our new “Ten Buck Plate”…

For $10 (and up, depending on the entree chosen and some options) on Thursdays & Fridays you get the following:

One entree serving from —

• Fried Chicken (2 pieces; additional charge for some breast choices)

• Country Ham

• Roast Beef; or

• Pork BBQ

• Or any other entree we have the night of your request

Then choose 2 sides, from whatever we have that night, usually including Mashed potatoes, Green beans and more.  And, THURSDAYS ONLY SPECIAL for a limited time: get a serving of Cole slaw in addition to your 2 sides, no extra charge!  Ya gotta ask, say you saw it on the Web site.

Then pick either a Biscuit or Corn Bread, and you have a “Ten Buck Plate”.

Sharing for eating in will incur a $2 per person charge, but we’ll give each of you a plate & silverware.  Please note that the portions are designed for one.  We suggest the FamilyStyle Dinners for all if you are in the mood for 2nds.

Availability of specific items can’t be guaranteed and may vary from those listed above.  More entrees may be added later, some at extra cost (such as Seafood, etc).

2nds are offered  ONLY if everyone at the table is having or switches to the regular FamilyStyle (ie, we cannot mix serving methods at a table).  Beverages & desserts are offered separately, but the foods offered are from the same good tasting selections we serve with our FamilyStyle dinners.  Beer & wine is available on premises as always, along with Tea, Coffee, Lemonade and an assortment of soft drinks (refills are nc except on soft drinks).

For now we are featuring this offering on Thursdays and Fridays, and for groups of 4 or fewer unless special arrangements are made in advance.  Suggestions welcome.  Enjoy!

For additional information & reservations (always make one for holidays or for a larger group, but we accept them any time and for any size group)–

556-3284 (ac 804)

(please REPEAT your telephone number in any message; New!! TEXTS ARE ACCEPTED on this number!)

and/or you may

Click HERE to send us an email

to reach us via email (remember to await our confirmation, especially on large groups, on calls as well as emails!)

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