•••Tanglewood Ordinary “Need to know” Christmas 2022 updates!

QUICK NOTE: we are CLOSED FRIDAY 11/25; reopening at 430 PM on Saturday 11/26 and Noon on Sunday 11/27  RESERVATIONS RECOMMENDED BOTH DAYS!


New Years EVE 2022 AT TW?  BIG YES!  DETAILS SOON, Entertainment included!

We ask that you please remember and stand with the people of  The Ukraine while they struggle to keep their independence against bringers of the horrors of war, a brutal and uncaring Russian Federation invasion force working the will of Vladimir Putin, one of history’s most evil strongmen.   Keep the brave Ukrainians in your thoughts and prayers.  There are many avenues for badly needed donations via the Ukrainian Red Cross and other organizations.

Though there are always challenges and problems to solve, we in the USA are in many ways the  very luckiest on Earth to have maintained our many freedoms for so long.

Can anyone explain how the “Nazi hating” Putin considers it OK to do precisely what Hitler did to Vlad’s beloved homeland and specifically to (then called) Leningrad and Stalingrad in World War II? The cruelty to the civilian populations in those two towns by order of the most terrible Nazi of all times was the stuff of horrible legend.  MILLIONS died due to the cold and lack of food and shelter under the Nazi sieges on what are now called St Petersburg and Volgograd.

A great food photo of our typical table–CLICK HERE to take a look

News Stories and Food reviews?  We’ve got ’em (just click on it):

Richmond Magazine, by Gary Robertson (Thank you, Gary!)

WTVR I Have a Story (Thank you, Greg!)


Pick up and to go orders welcome as always–
Click HERE to be taken to the Square Store Secure site for ordering including for Picksup Orders (welcomed!).

We will be open regular days and hours for the July 4th Weekend this year.
—> If anything changes we’ll show it on here.
Please be alert for changes due to summer storms–Just like city and suburban dwellers, we do occasionally lose our electric power forcing us to pause operations!

As always our teleph # is Ate Oh Fore 55Six Threee Too Ate Fore
328 4

(the things we must do to thwart the idiot hackers and skimmers…)
Texts to that number are welcome if you do not get us “live” (which is more likely earlier in the week).  You can use email or voice mail but they can be slow so please be patient and please don’t use them “last minute”–we’ll both be soooorrrryyyy.  Text Text Text!

Reservations for all our days are becoming more and more important.  You can even text one to us 😉🐓🐓 using our fone 3284, preceded by 804-556, for calls or texts.  EMail NTKnow202203 aaatt ordinary dott com

See click for the Square Store, below

Please, for any reservation, let us know IN ADVANCE if any of the following apply to you, especially on Holidays (our ability to help might be limited by depending on the concern) :

🙁 Too large or tall or both, to fit in a booth?
🖐 Dietary concerns like gluten, allergies, vegan/vegetarian, etc?
👨‍🦽🆘 Mobility concerns?
—> What WE don’t know in advance might hurt YOUR experience.  Please be candid when reserving.  Our helpful response to such challenges is often greatly aided by lots of advance notice.

All the staff at Tanglewood Ordinary have been vaccinated and looking forward to your now even safer visit for some really Fine  FamilyStyle dining
Thank you for your patronage and for your patience during and now after (?) the Pan-Dammit!
We take reservations
*On Friday,  Arrivals between 430 & 8 PM
*Saturday, Arrivals between 430 & 9 PM
On Sunday join us between 12 noon & 7 PM

Please remember that hours may vary on Holidays.  Other hours/days can be made available for special parties, catering and large pickups for your site, by arrangement for you.  If time allows, please send an email with details of what you want to do, when, how many, all that you can tell us

Get your Tanglewood Gift cards via this direct link to our Square Online Store (where you order dinners for pickup, also)


Available in Flexible Values, starting with $25.  May be presented for multiple transactions until the Total is used.

Currently we are only offering them as an electronic version, but we may soon offer actual “In Hand” cards for sale at TW for on site purchase.  Let us know if you prefer that way, and we will try to make them available soon.

Memo–we are STILL experiencing some troublesome & random email, voice mail and web site difficulties.  We’re sure Internet and related providers will blame it on the pandemic or better still on us or on each other.  Please call or text, again, if you cannot find or click what you want, or if messages go unanswered

Please mention any allergy concerns when making your reservation and to your server before ordering dinner!  Although precautions are taken to reduce the risk of any cross-contamination, Tanglewood Ordinary is NOT a gluten-free, Dairy-free, or Nut-free facility and CANNOT guarantee against such issues.  Thank you for your understanding!


Special note:  We are now featuring our 4 veggie/sides only Plate Dinner option!  Any 4 of our side dishes for $11.99 and up (some sides add a little bit), a full plate!  One can even be a small dessert, Cole slaw or biscuits/cornbread!  Text, email or call for more information.
You can always build your favorite Plate Dinner(s) for pickup at our Square Store (see below) or make a reservation to Dine In on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Vegetarians please take note: some of the vegetables are cooked with ham seasoning, but we can do some without meat on request and with enough notice.  Why, we can even do a vegetarian Quiche if we know in time that you are coming!

CLICK HERE for the current PRICE LIST, as of March 2022, for our FamilyStyle and Plate menu Dining.  The full FamilyStyle Dinner for Adults starts at $19.99.  Plate menu prices are separate and vary by choices, from $11.99 and up
Please know that prices can and do change often in today’s inflationary morass of a business environment.  We will try to keep that price document current but the prices at the time of your visit will be the final word.

Now back to the usual suspects–known as the details.

To our customers
(more updates will follow)

IN HOUSE DINING (see below for the Online store)
PLEASE MAKE A RESERVATION for ALL IN House dining–and THANK YOU for your patronage.  You can even send a TEXT to our regular telephone number, 556 DASH 3284 (Richmond ac 804).

Any day/time can be available for your Private Party or Pickup Catering order Though we do not have “minimums”, pricing can be more economical on larger orders.  But do ask regardless of the size of your requirements, as you might be surprised at how affordable it is.  Email is a good way to tell us what you need, to start with.
••••OnLine pick up/take out dinner orders accepted 24/7 anytime, for Pickups on Fridays – Saturdays – Sundays (more information and STORE LINK below)

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online Pickup SQUARE STORE ordering

Got a private party or catering request?  We can help.

Please check back often for new information–we’re working to keep up with changing legal requirements!

There is information on making reservations after you read carefully what follows.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE as we faced and continue to face, the phase 2 COVID-19 challenges together.

Bringing a group and need Group Rate and easy Bill Splitting information?
Bill Splitting CLICK HERE 
Group Rate information CLICK HERE (might save you money!)

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online pickup STORE ordering

Orders can be PLACED anytime via the store site, day or night, rain or shine!

It is a good idea to use email if you have non-time critical questions (yes, email can be slow), such as about future orders, whether for arrangements for catering or large bulk food orders for special pickup, etc.  Frequently we will need to ask you some questions about these inquiries in order to respond helpfully, especially for important occasions like weddings, big events here or on site, etc.

We want to “do it right” and make sure our capabilities fit your needs.

PLEASE BE ALERT FOR PROBLEMS with information you might see on OTHER web sites about Tanglewood Ordinary.  If you are not on Ordinary.com or our Square Store, the information MIGHT NOT be correct and/or current.