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WHAT, WHERE and WHEN is/are FOR DINNER, Grandma?

NEW!! CLICK HERE if you are a new customer or if you need a basic summary of food and reservations information – THE BASICS (201610 under revision, suggestions welcome)

[Thanksgiving 2016 flyer with full information and prices will be up soon; New Years Eve 2016 will follow it]

For Thanksgiving 2016 we plan to open at 1030 AM
–Reservation requests on the half hour accepted now – please be prepared to commit as to number of guests and final time by the first of November–deposits will be required, with a limited refund policy especially for later changes/cancellations.  No refunds for NO-shows.

••• For our table chart, please click HERE
lease ignore the references to NYE & music–it is current otherwise]

  • Fine Family-Style Dining with table service
    2210 River Road West – Maidens, VA 23102
    804ac 556-3284
    (if no answer, please leave us a voice mail or send us a text message to that same number, 804ac-556-3284)
  • Reservations for all size parties and times strongly recommended and taken  on the half hour
    We love for you to visit our FaceBook page and ‘like’ us, but please don’t use Facebook to send us messages — call or use email/text instead
    Thursday – Friday – Saturday 5 – 9 PM
    Sundays Noon – 8 PM
    NOTE: our days & hours do change around some Holiday weekends and Special Event days — please check with us on those if you do not see anything on this site about that particular period as it draws near, but here are some upcomings.
    ••• We can always open for your private party by prior arrangement or cater at your site
    ••• •••
    ••• We are usually OPEN New Years Day & July 4th but our hours may be different
  • Valentines 2017 is on Tuesday, middle of the week–would you like to see us be open that night?  Vote by sending us an email

  • ªªª We generally close EARLIER that usual on “Superbowl Sunday”–Let us do a big takeout for you that day.  Or we’ll stay open for your party by arrangement.  In fact we’ll do either of those things most anytime you ask.
    ••• We offer dinner & music packages for St Valentines Day, New Year’s Eve and occasionally on other days
    •••Advance reservations are always accepted (and are now encouraged for ALL size parties and ALL days).  They will be taken extra carefully on Holidays — Easter, Mothers, Fathers, Thanksgiving & NYE Days/evenings — and are even more strongly recommended for those days (Hours can vary).
  • Deposits are now usually requested for Holiday reservations.

SERVED FamilyStyle

• Private parties, quantity food pickup and catering ANYTIME by arrangement •
Pricing on request — one good way to start is to
send (click HERE) us an email
with as much information about your event as possible so that we may make helpful suggestions based on our experience & a good proposal for you

Holiday & special event day schedules & offerings are  different
Check this site for advance word or like us on Facebook
Serving Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner Since 1986

Call us or sent a text message to us at 556-3284 (area code 804) or email by clicking HERE

[Remember email ain’t always the fastest–use the phone or texting when time is short; On “off days” Monday thru Wednesday our response times may be slower–please be patient.  And please don’t use Facebook as a method to contact us instead of email or phone–we just cannot keep up with but so many media]

Our address for you GPS wonks out there, and for those who need to know where we are!
2210 River Road West, Maidens, VA 23102; we’re on Rt 6 which is to many “Patterson Av Extended”, a straight no turns 11.5 miles from where Rt 288 crosses Rt 6.
See our contact page for a “directions finder” using your departure location .

See our Group information page if you have a larger group
Takeouts?  Catering at your site?  Why, of course!  We can plan and serve you all inclusive, deliver only, or you can come pick up your choice of delicious Virginia Southern food here and save.  Customers have picked up lunches for 1 and we have fully catered for as many as 600+ (but don’t be limited  by that if your event is bigger)
MasterCard, Visa & a few other cards accepted; checks, if signed and we think they’re good; and even cash so long as it is US — Yankee money only, sorry, no Confederate.

Call us for additional information & reservations (always make one for holidays or for a larger group, but we accept them any time and for any size group)–

556-3284 (area code 804)

(please REPEAT your telephone number in any message;  you may now send a text message that number, as well )

and/or you may

Click HERE to send us an email

[Remember email’s not the fastest–use the phone or texting when time is short–our regular number now  accepts text messages, but we do ask that you please don’t use too many abbreviations in your text message (we are old and slow) –thank you for your patience on that]

to reach us via email (remember to await our confirmation, especially on large groups, on calls as well as emails!); Like us on Facebook for updates, too (but please use email, text or phone to send us messages).

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