Tanglewood Ordinary “Need to know” page

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For Thanksgiving 2018, see the links just below here

Don’t forget Christmas get togethers during December–we have space and welcome your reservations.  We cater, too!

Our Regular hrs reminder:

Thursday – Fri- Sat 5 PM – 9 PM SUNDAY Noon – 8 PM Reservations taken on the half hour during those times

If you have made a definite TG 2018 reservation request before 11/7, we have assigned a time & table for you, and will be following up with combined confirmations and deposit requests starting 11//7.  If we do not have your email address, please see below to send us an email so we will have it.

>>>Click HERE for our
2018 PAGE, which has other links to TG information.

Quick notes: We are open that day 1030 AM – 7 PM.  Reservations are ESSENTIAL!–you can make them by Phone or text first but then please use the click below to send an email to confirm your request.  We’ll need your email address for confirming your time & party size and for the deposit.  Please make sure we get your full name and phone # with the resv request.
We give seating priority in the order you make an actual firm reservation request with all required information (name, time, numbers)–your place in line.  We will confirm it as soon as we can and then request your deposit to hold it

CLICK HERE FOR Thanksgiving 2018 DEPOSIT terms and explanations–be sure to read before making your deposit.

Click HERE to send us an email regarding your Thanksgiving 2018 reservation. Please make sure we have all the information (full name, your preferred time between 1030 & 7 PM (a range is OK, but be SURE to tell us your PREFERRED single time, also), and your ph #)

If you have made a reservation or reservation request and have NOT received first a confirmation via email and then a deposit bill after that accepting that confirmation, within 24 hours of each step, please call, text or send us a follow up email.  Sometimes it takes a while during high volume times so we do appreciate your patience.  We are catching up as this note is put on our site.

Click here for The Basics file for our regular days and hours.  We now welcome reservations AT ALL TIMES & DAYS for ANY size party, made on the half hour during our open times.   It definitely helps us serve you better & more quickly.   Please ask about Group Rates and easy bill splitting (if needed)—the former can save you $ and the latter WILL save you time.  We love our groups!

For our Regular Prices list, click the menu item at the top of this page.  Updated June 1, 2018.

Please make note!  We will soon be moving the restaurant website to
NEW look & feel – more information – clear format!

•••In fact you may start using that address now and you will be forwarded here until the new site is constructed•••
A click to reach the new Tanglewood site from ordinary.com will be on there indefinitely, too

{Sorry if you missed our most recent Historical Visitor; our next dinner is NEW YEARS EVE
(SOON–Click HERE to view details & to buy tickets

Click here for the Thanksgiving Day 2018 page, for full information and to make reservations
Thursday, November 22nd

We’ll be serving our wonderful  Turkey & VIRGINIA Country Ham inspired menu, with a surprise or 2.  Please be sure to make a reservation on the half or full hour from 1030 AM to 7 PM.

Please feel free to send text messages to our main phone number, but please be sure any message you send is clearly acknowledged or answered.  Caution: We have experienced delays in both email and voice mail delivery, and even with texts (very poor Internet service where we are; slow (1.5 mb) Verizon DSL is our only option) recently
PLEASE take note for all visits to TW
–if you have special needs we MUST know those in advance: allergies, high chairs, access for a wheelchair, larger guests unable to use booth seating, etc.
On Holidays, in particular,
we often CANNOT quickly, or at all, fix
these things “day of”; help you & us both by noting them with your reservation request, so that we can discuss any challenges & solve (we hope) in advance

Other information follows

CLICK HERE for–A Brief introduction to Tanglewood Ordinary–Our Tanglewood Video (prices shown are $1 out of date—many thanks to Adobe for making an update impossible.  Not.)

•••••> (CLICK HERE) to view our “THE BASICS” file; Revised 20181018
a good place to learn about our group rates and about easy separate check/bill splitting — easy when we do it the easy way

CLICK HERE to send us an email If your questions are not answered on this page (please use the HOLIDAYS email link above for HOLIDAY event inquiries, thank you!)

If you do not receive a prompt response, please call or send a text–no means of contact is 100% error free!  As of Late March 2018, we have experienced some odd slow slow email delivery problems, so we ask that you let us know if you do not receive prompt attention after sending an email.  Text messaging to our main number works even faster!

[Regarding Private Parties & Catering.  Please tell us as much as you can in the email so we can respond helpfully, especially if you are asking about a catering or banquet with unique requirements (most are that way).  The more you tell us, the more we can help and faster.   Email is great for general inquiries, setting up private parties, catering, and big events, especially well in advance.  But!!  Please remember that email is “not the fastest”,  so if time is short, please contact us by phone or, even better,  same number by text: 804-556-3284, since we can get text messages even when there is noise around during times we’re open etc]

Attention, 2018:  updates are in process for a lot of this information, and a new web site is in the works, so please stay in touch.

During our updating process, some menu items on this site may not work. Please be patient while we work through getting our site modernized and all information up-to-date.

For now, this page will be your best source of current information. We urge you to take a vantage of the links below.

CLICK HERE for–THE BASICS information (Good place to start for new customers; will be updated from time to time)

CLICK HERE soon for–Our BEER & WINE PRICE LIST (this does get out of date often, so please ask your server for more information) UPDATING–will link our newest list–soon

CLICK HERE for–Our regular days DINNER PRICE LIST (catering & takeout quantities information available, just ask)

The Price List (non-holiday) (will appear as a PDF file in a new window)
Catering information
Groups information & Ticket splitting for groups
Our Tanglewood Plate dinners