WHAT’S FOR DINNER, Grandma? And what’s NEW?

Make your party, banquet, meeting, rehearsal dinner, reception reservations now–if you can tell us what you need for your event we can probably provide it and at a lower cost than many in-town locations, and in MUCH more relaxed and beautiful setting here “in the country”.
Our “first-in-a-while” Fish & Seafood Night Buffet was Friday, July 12, 2013–“Like” us on Facebook to get the word on such events the fastest.  Did you make it here for our July 4th, 2013 “indoor cookout”?  We may repeat it soon with features like ‘Grill your own burger’ (outside!) and more!  Seafood will come back around, too.  Oh, and you missed our Country Breakfast Buffet if you were not here between 930 & 1 PM on Sunday August 11, 2013.  Like us on Facebook for word of the next one of those, too.

Please check out our “Ten Buck Plate” available here and to go!  And don’t forget to ask about new Beer and Wine offerings — We intend to become the Craft Beer and Virginia Wine destination

Check out our Photo Album, taken over the past few years here at the home of Grandmothers Sunday Dinner (links can be fickle–please tell us of any problems)

Click HERE for our current Beer & Wine list

Click HERE for our regular “MENU”

(both are Drafts–works in progress; items being added & changed)


We bring out our wonderful food in bowls and on platters, you pass ‘em ’round and we bring more–2nds are on us! (also, see our Ten Buck Plate for a one serving option; and we will be doing more buffet offerings soon as well)

Our regular schedule:

Thursday – Friday – Saturday 5 – 9 PM

Sundays Noon – 8 PM • Private parties ANYTIME by arrangement

Holiday & special event days are often on different schedules — check this site or like us on Facebook

We love doing your events, private parties, catering, meetings.  Any day you like, by arrangement.  You name it – we handle it: lunch, dinner, or even breakfast–here or there!

Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant

Serving Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner Since 1986

We serve Delicious fried chicken, country ham, BBQ — scratch mashed potatoes, seasoned green beans, buttermilk biscuits, cornbread … and so much more. Bowls and platters on the table, just like Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner!


Did you know that 2nds are on the house (but check out our Ten Buck Plate, too)!  All y0u need to do is ask!  Seating is private, with your own party or group.


Homemade desserts, like apple cobbler with ice cream, brownie sundae, buttermilk pecan pie, and chocolate fudge pie…mmmmm.


Great for any size party – groups of all sizes are a specialty at Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant.


Children UNDER age 4 are always free at TW—if you would kindly add a tip for them (couple of bucks for each, maybe? ‘specially if there was extra clean up involved, maybe?) our servers will really appreciate it, since otherwise they might get left out on them

See our Menu Information & Prices page, and our Group information page if you have a larger group

Takeouts?  Catering at your site?  Why, of course!  We can plan and serve you all inclusive, deliver only, or you can come pick up your choice of delicious Virginia Southern food here and save.  Customers have picked up lunches for 1 and we have fully catered as many as 600

Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant is in a historic log building that was once a country dance hall.

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, and great food –a great experience for the whole family.

And Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant is available for private events…the perfect location for a company or civic meeting, and family events large or small. Call for details about making your private event memorable at TW.  See below for contact details.

If you haven’t been in a while, Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant is better than ever. If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for?  Tanglewood Ordinary Restaurant…Southern Comfort Food…

…just like Grandmother’s Sunday Dinner. Stop in and see us!

And, when you are in the Roanoke/Salem/Blacksburg area, check out our Inspiration, the folks who helped us get started, over 27 years ago:

The Home Place Restaurant

(they still don’t have their own web site, but Yelp will tell you what you need to know)

MasterCard and Visa Accepted; checks, if signed and we think they’re good; and even cash so long as it is either US paper or coin.  Yankee money only, sorry, no Confederate.

For additional information & reservations (always make one for holidays or for a larger group, but we accept them any time and for any size group)–

556-3284 (area code eight zzero four)

(please REPEAT your telephone number in any message)

and/or you may

Click here to send us an email

to reach us via email (remember to await our confirmation, especially on large groups, on calls as well as emails!); Like us on Facebook for updates, too.

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