Tanglewood Ordinary “Need to know” Mothers Day 2022 update

We ask that you please remember and stand with the people of  The Ukraine while they struggle to keep their independence against bringers of the horrors of war, a brutal and uncaring Russian Federation invasion force working the will of Vladimir Putin, one of history’s most evil strongmen.   Keep the brave Ukrainians in your thoughts and prayers.  There are many avenues for badly needed donations via the Ukrainian Red Cross and other organizations.  Though there are always challenges and problems to solve, we in the USA are in many ways the  very luckiest on Earth to have maintained our many freedoms for so long.

Pick up and to go orders welcome as always–
Click HERE to be taken to the Square Store Secure site for ordering including for Mothers Day 2022 picksups.

Our 2022 Mothers Day Dinner includes fried chicken and…

… a choice of BBQ, pot roast or country ham to go with it.  Sides include mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, glazed carrots, Mediterranean pasta salad and cole slaw.  Biscuits and cornbread, too! Also included is our amazingly delicious lemon bar or apple cobbler with ice cream.  Tea, coffee and lemonade as well, all for $29.99, not including sales tax or gratuity.  Kids age 8-11 $15.99, 4-7 $7.99, under 4 no charge.  Please make your reservations via a call or text to…
804-five fiv six-3284
(the things we must do to thwart the idiot hackers and skimmers…)
You can use email or voice mail but they can be slow so please be patient and please don’t use them “last minute”–we’ll both be soooorrrryyyy.  Text text text!

Reservations for all our days are becoming more and more important.  You can even text one to us 😉🐓🐓 using our fone 3284, preceded by 804-556, for calls or texts.  EMail NTKnow202203 aaatt ordinary dott com

See click for the Square Store, below

Please, for any reservation, let us know IN ADVANCE if any of the following apply to you, especially on Holidays (our ability to help might be limited by depending on the concern) :

Too large to fit in a booth
Dietary concerns like gluten, allergies, vegan/vegetarian, etc
Mobility concerns


All the staff at Tanglewood ordinary have been vaccinated and looking forward to your now even safer visit for some really Fine  FamilyStyle dining
Thank you for your patronage and for your patience during the Pan-Dammit!  Like you, we hope things will keep moving toward 100% normal.  Open Friday for reservations between 430 and 8 PM, Saturday between 430 and 9 PM, and Sunday between 12 noon and 7 PM, with other hours/days available for special parties, catering and large pickups for your site, by arrangement for you.

Get your Tanglewood Gift cards via this direct link to our Square Online Store (where you order dinners for pickup, also)


Available in Flexible Values, starting with $25.  May be presented for multiple transactions until the Total is used.

Currently we are only offering them as an electronic version, but we may soon offer actual “In Hand” cards for sale at TW for on site purchase.  Let us know if you prefer that way, and we will try to make them available soon.

Memo–we are STILL experiencing some troublesome & random email, voice mail and web site difficulties.  We’re sure Internet and related providers will blame it on the pandemic.  Please call or text, again, if you cannot find or click what you want, or if messages go unanswered

Please mention any allergy concerns when making your reservation and to your server before ordering dinner!  Although precautions are taken to reduce the risk of any cross-contamination, Tanglewood Ordinary is NOT a gluten-free, Dairy-free, or Nut-free facility and CANNOT guarantee against such issues.  Thank you for your understanding!


Special note:  We are now featuring our 4 veggie/sides only Plate Dinner option!  Any 4 of our side dishes for $11.99 and up (some sides add a little bit), a full plate!  One can even be a small dessert, Cole slaw or biscuits/cornbread!  Text, email or call for more information.
You can always build your favorite Plate Dinner(s) for pickup at our Square Store (see below) or make a reservation to Dine In on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Vegetarians please take note: some of the vegetables are cooked with ham seasoning, but we can do some without meat on request and with enough notice.  Why, we can even do a vegetarian Quiche if we know you are coming!

CLICK HERE for the current PRICE LIST, as of March 2022, for our FamilyStyle and Plate menu Dining.  The full FamilyStyle Dinner for Adults starts at $19.99.  Plate menu prices are separate and vary by choices, from $11.99 and up

Now back to the usual suspects–known as the details.

To our customers
(more updates will follow)

IN HOUSE DINING (see below for the Online store)
PLEASE MAKE A RESERVATION for ALL IN House dining–and THANK YOU for your patronage.  You can even send a TEXT to our regular telephone number, 556 DASH 3284 (Richmond ac 804).

Any day/time can be available for your Private Party or Pickup Catering order Though we do not have “minimums”, pricing is most economical on larger orders.  But do ask regardless of the size of your requirements, as you might be surprised at how affordable it is.  Email is a good way to tell us what you need, to start with.
••••OnLine pick up/take out dinner orders accepted 24/7 anytime, for Pickups on Fridays – Saturdays – Sundays (more information and STORE LINK below)

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online Pickup SQUARE STORE ordering

Got a private party or catering request?  We can help.

Please check back often for new information–we’re working to keep up with changing legal requirements!

There is information on making reservations after you read carefully what follows.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE as we faced and continue to face, the phase 2 COVID-19 challenges together.

Bringing a group and need Group Rate and easy Bill Splitting information?
Bill Splitting CLICK HERE 
Group Rate information CLICK HERE (might save you money!)

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online pickup STORE ordering

Orders can be PLACED anytime via the store site, day or night, rain or shine!

It is a good idea to use email if you have non-time critical questions (yes, email can be slow), such as about future orders, whether for arrangements for catering or large bulk food orders for special pickup, etc.  Frequently we will need to ask you some questions about these inquiries in order to respond helpfully, especially for important occasions like weddings, big events here or on site, etc.

We want to “do it right” and make sure our capabilities fit your needs.

We are adhering to the Department of Health requirements for 50% dine in seating and all safety precautions. Please be sure to read below what is required. We thank you, in advance, for your kind cooperation and support of our staff who are working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible.

OLD NEWS below–masks no longer required if you are vaccinated

* OLD NEWS thank goodness All guests must wear a face covering at ALL times except while seated at your table. 

* Guests without a face covering will not be allowed entry. We will try to keep masks on hand for guests who do not bring one. There will be a $2 charge plus sales tax for each mask we provide to you. 

* Guests may not congregate or sit near the entrance or in the lobby. When you arrive here, please send us a text at 5563284 (richmond area code) and let us know you are here. We will text you back when you may enter the building
* Only one guest is allowed in the restroom at a time (except children with a parent) 

* One guest may wait in line for the restroom at the mark on the floor 6 ft from the 
door. Please maintain social distancing for those exiting the restroom. 

* Our staff is working very hard to clean and wipe surfaces to keep everyone safe, while providing our long standing great service to dining customers. Please try to consolidate your requests for refills, condiments and other items as much as possible so that they can better “multi-task”.

Our wait staff is wearing masks and gloves and following cleansing requirements. Behind their mask they are smiling and happy to have you dine in with us! Again, reservations can be made by call or text to 804-556-3284. We look forward to seeing you here for pick up or dine in!

FOR NOW, We will continue to offer dinner Pickup service here at Tanglewood Ordinary, (along with In House dining during the same hours, but by reservation, please)

430 to 8 PM on FRIDAY & SATURDAY and SUNDAY from NOON to 7 PM

Here is the Link to our online ordering site (run by Weebly/Square—secured by them)!!

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online pickup STORE ordering

Orders can be placed via the Store at ANY time, Day or Night!

PLEASE be sure to read the information on that site before placing your order; for example not all items are available each day; time for your pickup is not selected until the checkout process.
The system is not perfect (and most of the sometimes annoying “fails” are beyond our control) but it has worked well for the vast majority of users so far.  Things do change so please do read carefully to ensure you get what you want when you arrive to pick up your order!

Supply problems may cause us to run out of things.  Even things like flour are often hard for us to get reliably and in the amount needed for our weekly work.  Also, our capacity is sometimes bottlenecked by both shortages and sometimes by more requests for pickups at one or more times than we can do, so we URGE you to get your orders in as soon as you can.

Please report ANY ordering problems (remember our 804-5Five6-3284 is voice AND text) and we’ll try to address them as soon as we can; we can take phone orders but you’ll get quicker and accurate service using the Store.  Patience is still much appreciated as we are ALL still learning; and we continue to fix and improve things as we can.  Thank you!

Please NOTE!!  You need to order in advance for pick ups unless you do not mind waiting longer!  In house and picking up Hours are Fri & Sat 430 – 8 PM, Sunday’s from NOON – 7 pm.  Watch this site or our FaceBrook page for changes as we move through this new way of doing business.  Orders can be PLACED via the Store at ANY time, Day or Night!

We have our full FamilyStyle meal, as well as our more modest and economical Plate Dinners, desserts, tea and lemonade, and thanks to VA ABC temporary flexibility, beer and wine for pick up during this crisis.

One side note from recent experience:  Some customers are ordering fewer dinners than the numbers they want to provide for.  That is their/your decision, but please be aware that you may run short on one or all items by doing so, as some have told us.  Just FYI.

Most (but not all–we are having problems getting them at times!) of our items are packed in convenient compostable and easily re-warmable clamshells.  We ourselves have successfully re-warmed some (NOT styrofoam) containers in a regular oven using very low temperatures, but doing so may be risky, so we are not officially advising anyone to do it–microwaving remains the safer alternative.  If you do anyway, we definitely caution against doing so in a GAS oven or toaster oven (elements are too close and hot).  Be careful, and never leave anything unattended, if you do venture forth on un-approved methods.

If you have an Instant Pot, some level of steaming may work well.  Please let us know your results!  It’s a great tool from our personal experience with it at home.

Please, Remember that OnLine Store placed orders are the quicker Pick-Up alternative.

If you arrive at your pickup time and see no one at the porch site within a minute or 2, please send us a text message.  If you arrive early, we’ll do our best but you will likely wind up with some wait time, especially during peak periods.

Again we ask your patience.  We’re all in this together, but day to day enjoyment of life while staying safe and well requires work and vigilance from all of us.  We are committed to doing our part and to continuing to offer our fine favorites like fried chicken and so much more in a legal, safe AND convenient manner.

We know you’re hungry and we are here to help!

Our phone #


Text & voice – Note that we urge using texting instead of Voice mail–it’s faster and more reliable

Our email for sending to us from here is

TWNTKnowPage202102 (at) Ordinary DOOTTT Com

But please note that we may reply from a Gmail account–due to technical issues with Apple Mail and private domains.

Sorry for the work arounds–better than, ugh, CAPTCHA!!

Storing it here for re-use!
[the Offer below is expired but we may repeat it  soon–watch this space]

Order on line (see Store link below) or call/text to reserve to come in and pick up, any of our Chicken plate dinners and we’ll give you $3 off each one!  If you order on line, just ASK for the discount when you pick up (we’ll credit back the $3 to your card) or ASK for it when you come in to pick up!  Pick any 2 pieces of chicken, your 2 sides and bread choice.  SIMPLE.  Makes great Pick Up dinners for home dining.  Of course you can add beverages & desserts if you like, including those regulated beverages!
Also applicable for DINE IN TODAY Jan 22 if you make an advance reservation
(text or voice EightO4 556-Thirty284, oh, those hackers!)
and arrive by 5 PM.
But you have to ASK and say where you saw the offer to get the discount.

Main contact information is at the bottom of this page