Tanglewood Ordinary “Need to know” new SUNDAY HRS!! updated AUG 28, 2020

[revised August 28, 2020]

New Sunday opening time
To our customers, and please note more updates will follow:

PLEASE MAKE A RESERVATION for ALL IN House dining–and THANK YOU for your patronage and for bringing your mask for entering and for when you are up from your table.  It’s the governor’s order, folks.  Let’s beat this problem by working together and staying safe!!

Now offering LIMITED In-House Dining every Friday (430 – 8 PM), Saturday (430 – 8 PM) & Sunday (new opening time! Noon – 7 PM).  Any day/time is available for your private party.
••••On line orders accepted 24/7 in advance for Pickups on Fridays – Saturdays – Sundays (more information and STORE LINK below)

Got a private party or catering request?  We can help.

Please check back often for new information–we’re working to keep up with changing legal requirements!

There is information on making reservations after you read carefully what follows.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE as we face the phase 2 COVID-19 challenges together.

Revised August 28, 2020–Please watch this site for updates to our pickup and our newly restored limited in-house DINING schedule.  If you read carefully, you’ll find some information is repeated; patience is much appreciated as we gradually improve this site.

SEE ABOVE–more availability
Beginning the weekend of June 28 we will add Saturday and Sunday DINE IN back to our schedule! We will continue with our popular pick up meal option through our online store for all 3 days, including Friday (same hours as Saturday). Please be sure to read all the details below before making a reservation to dine in!

Ordering remains available anytime, for Pick Ups on Friday & Saturday from 4:30-8:00 pm and on Sunday 1:00-7:00 pm. If you are placing a pickup order please click below to be taken to our secure on line ordering store (order anytime, 24/7, but for PICKUP during those hours.  We appreciate that our Square vendor has made an ordering site possible (though requiring MUCH initial setup by Anne).  However PLEASE bear with us on its “imperfections”; we cannot change many frustrating things that we’d like to):

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online pickup STORE ordering

Orders can be PLACED anytime via the store site, day or night, rain or shine!

Dine-in is NOW available on Saturday 430-800 pm and Sunday 100-700 pm. Please make a reservation by call or text to 804-556-3284 (texting is better than voice mail, if we do not answer). We do our best to respond as soon as possible.  Response times on days when we are not open for dining may be slower (Monday-Thursday) but we will always try to get back in touch by Thursday and usually sooner.

It is a good idea to use email if you have non-time critical questions (yes, email can be slow), such as about future orders, whether for arrangements for catering or bulk food orders for pickup, etc.  Frequently we will need to ask you some questions about these inquiries in order to respond helpfully, especially for important occasions like weddings, big events here or on site, etc.  We want to “do it right” and make sure our capabilities fit your needs.

We are adhering to the Department of Health requirements for 50% dine in seating and all safety precautions. Please be sure to read below what is required. We thank you, in advance, for your kind cooperation and support of our staff who are working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible.

* All guests must wear a face covering at ALL times except while seated at your table. 

* Guests without a face covering will not be allowed entry. We will try to keep masks on hand for guests who do not bring one. There will be a $2 charge plus sales tax for each mask we provide to you. 

* Guests may not congregate or sit near the entrance or in the lobby. When you arrive here, please send us a text at 5563284 (richmond area code) and let us know you are here. We will text you back when you may enter the building
* Only one guest is allowed in the restroom at a time (except children with a parent) 

* One guest may wait in line for the restroom at the mark on the floor 6 ft from the 
door. Please maintain social distancing for those exiting the restroom. 

* Our staff is working very hard to clean and wipe surfaces to keep everyone safe, while providing our long standing great service to dining customers. Please try to consolidate your requests for refills, condiments and other items as much as possible so that they can better “multi-task”.

Our wait staff is wearing masks and gloves and following cleansing requirements. Behind their mask they are smiling and happy to have you dine in with us! Again, reservations can be made by call or text to 804-556-3284. We look forward to seeing you here for pick up or dine in!


FOR NOW, We will continue to offer dinner Pickup service here at Tanglewood Ordinary, (along with In House dining during the same hours, but by reservation, please)

430 to 8 PM on FRIDAY & SATURDAY and SUNDAY from NOON to 7 PM

via orders placed on line ANYTIME (really, but on line–we won’t be answering the phone at all hours 😆) using our on line Store, linked just below.  It has been so popular that we sometimes sell out!  We do not have outdoor dining spaces and frankly do not believe we’d participate if we did, since there is NO assurance such an arrangement is safe even at half capacity. 

Here is the Link to our online ordering site (run by Weebly/Square—secured by them)!!

CLICK HERE for the Tanglewood Ordinary Country Restaurant Online pickup STORE ordering

Orders can be placed via the Store at ANY time, Day or Night!

PLEASE be sure to read the information on that site before placing your order; for example not all items are available each day; time for your pickup is not selected until the checkout process.
The system is not perfect (and most of the sometimes annoying “fails” are beyond our control) but it has worked well for the vast majority of users so far.  Things do change so please do read carefully to ensure you get what you want when you arrive to pick up your order!

Supply problems may cause us to run out of things.  Even things like flour are often hard for us to get reliably and in the amount needed for our weekly work.  Also, our capacity is sometimes bottlenecked by both shortages and sometimes by more requests for pickups at one or more times than we can do, so we URGE you to get your orders in as soon as you can.

Please report ANY ordering problems (remember our 804-556-3284 is voice AND text) and we’ll try to address them as soon as we can; we can take phone orders but you’ll get quicker and accurate service using the Store.  Patience is still much appreciated as we are ALL still learning; and we continue to fix and improve things as we can.  Thank you!

Please NOTE!!  You need to order in advance!  Hours are Fri & Sat 430 – 8 PM, Sunday’s from NOON – 7 pm.  Watch this site or our FaceBrook page for changes as we move through this new way of doing business.  Orders can be placed via the Store at ANY time, Day or Night!

We have our full FamilyStyle meal, as well as our more modest and economical Plate Dinners, desserts, tea and lemonade, and thanks to VA ABC temporary flexibility, beer and wine for pick up during this crisis.

One side note from recent experience:  Some customers are ordering fewer dinners than the numbers they want to provide for.  That is their/your decision, but please be aware that you may run short on one or all items by doing so, as some have told us.  Just FYI.

Most (but not all–we are having problems getting them at times!) of our items are packed in convenient compostable and easily re-warmable clamshells.  We ourselves have successfully re-warmed some (NOT styrofoam) containers in a regular oven using very low temperatures, but doing so may be risky, so we are not officially advising anyone to do it–microwaving remains the safer alternative.  If you do anyway, we definitely caution against doing so in a GAS oven or toaster oven (elements are too close and hot).  Be careful, and never leave anything unattended, if you do venture forth on un-approved methods.

If you have an Instant Pot, some level of steaming may work well.  Please let us know your results!  It’s a great tool from our personal experience with it at home.

Please, Remember that OnLine Store placed orders are the quicker Pick-Up alternative.

If you arrive at your pickup time and see no one at the porch site within a minute or 2, please send us a text message.  If you arrive early, we’ll do our best but you will likely wind up with some wait time, especially during peak periods.

Again we ask your patience.  We’re all in this together, but day to day enjoyment of life while staying safe and well requires work and vigilance from all of us.  We are committed to doing our part and to continuing to offer our fine favorites like fried chicken and so much more in a legal, safe AND convenient manner.

We know you’re hungry and we are here to help!


Prior info is below (much of this applies mainly to our in house dining, pre-COVID-19)

Like everyone else we are watching and waiting, while taking added precautions, regarding the Corona Virus pandemic which to date has only hit a fairly low number of Americans and Virginians.  But no one yet knows how much more will come our way.

We are strictly following all information and instructions provided by local and national health authorities.  PLEASE call or text for reservations in case we need to vary our hours or open days–we do not want to inconvenience you.  We’re all in this together.  Thank you for your patience during all that transpires, and we also hope that you and yours fare well and without encountering this most troublesome illness in your circles.

Happy March 2020–also sometimes known for winter weather…always call ahead if roads are uncertain; might be different here (Might even be better wx in the country, too)

Remember our regular days are Thursday (5 pm-9 pm) – Sunday (Noon-8 PM); We are closed Mon – Weds unless doing your private party, event or catering 😉😁🍗🍗🐓🐓

Don’t forget, coming sooner than you think….

[hmmm…Did someone mention Mothers Day or Thanksgiving…?]

Please Come for our tasty and plentiful Fine FamilyStyle Dinner (PLEASE try to always make a reservation, and if a Holiday or special event is involved, please ask about special pricing or offerings).  Take note that our lighter and lower priced Plate Dinner is available for parties of 4 or less on most days, other than Holidays.  Reservations are a GOOD idea on all our days, via text or voice, not just on Holidays.  Last minute requests and walk-ins are welcome when space is available, but especially for larger groups, lead time is always helpful.

A reminder that we do not use Google reservations, or any similar 3rd party service, Facebook or any other “messaging” and ask that you contact TW directly via Voice or Text message to our 804 ac ph (556 Three284) for reservations or information.  Please note that email is usually too slow for making reservations, though we welcome emails where time permits, such as to request catering, private dinners or anything which involves more than usual arrangements.

And!  Coming even sooner, in March, is the start of our 3rd year of our Special Historic Dinners.  Here is the 2020 schedule, followed by a link to securely buy tickets!

Click HERE for a pdf with dates and details on all of our 2020 programs

(click the graphic again after it loads, to make it readable–sorry for the odd problem)

Click HERE For MORE INFORMATION and To Buy Tickets (click again after it loads)

Tanglewood Ordinary and its owners Anne & Jim Hardwick mourn the passing in December 2019 of our friend and mentor in this business, Harold Collins Wingate, owner & operator with his family of our “parent” establishment in Catawba, VA
The Home Place
There would be no Tanglewood Ordinary without Harold and Millie Wingate and their son, Kevin.

See more news below including about a Channel 6 visit from Greg McQuade or click here!

2019 Holidays note: we will operate on our regular Days and Hours for December 2019.  Closed Monday-Wednesdays of this month for regular business as usual, including Christmas and New Years.  However, Private party/special event times on “Off Days” are STILL AVAILABLE as always–Please get in touch to set one up or you can also make a reservation during our Thursday – Sunday hours.

Fine FamilyStyle Dining at its best since 1986, same place, same style of food and service and…same owners!  That’s 33 years and counting.  Jim & Anne Hardwick and our great staff thank you for your patronage, past & future.
Regular days & hours are
Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday we are Closed unless you need a private party
Thursday – Friday – Saturday open 5 – 9 PM
Sunday open Noon – 8 PM. More below on reservations, etc. Quick note for calls and text messages: 804-FIVE FIVE 6 – 3284.

We take reservations until closing each day, under our honest hours policy.   Catering and quantity pickups/deliveries can be arranged for most any time or day—please get in touch with enough advance notice to set it up right for you 😁.
🍗🍗🐓🐓Our birds, beans and beef (and more) thank you 🐓🐓🍗🍗

Some good news on special dietary needs: Always a challenge with a limited menu like ours, but we are working on some simple plate oriented options, for vegetarians to start with.  For now, please advise us when making reservations.  It can be hard to help without ADVANCE notice on many things.
We generally have some entrees & sides among our “daily FamilyStyle table offerings” that are just happen to be gluten-free anyway, but to avoid disappointment, there’s that advance notice thing helping out again 😉, since many of our menu items are made up in large quantities before we open.

Jim’s editorial comments:
Grandmother serves many each day and starts cooking early!
Somebody rated us down in a review a few months back because they said we served them “too fast, so they could not possibly have cooked it to order”.  Huh?
Do you want your Green beans cooked only a few minutes earlier, nice n crunchy (like Harry Potter and with ketchup) or do you like them “done 50 miles ago” as the RTD review said in June 2016, while raving about what she found?
As the the warden in “Cool Hand Luke” famously said, “What we have [t]here is a failure to communicate…”.  After laughing we decided that reviewer needed to patronize Cracker Barrel—only slooow freezer to table practiced there.  We’re kidding, don’t sue us.

PLEASE see the note about google messaging (and more below)—those google business messages will NOT reach us, as we have chosen not to share your or our privacy with them by using a new “app”, demanded under a new google protocol (yawn).  Please use regular phone calls or TEXT messaging to our main phone number,
804-Five Five 6-3284
instead (actually we love a text rather than a voice mail if you don’t reach us by phone live).
Keep your dining habits from Big Data’s clutches!
Currently we do not receive messages from ANY 3rd party reservation or messaging service or web site—please don’t let them fool you into using them; we will not get such messages, sorry.
For a reservation at Tanglewood Ordinary, we need
—>Your first & last name
—>the time on any hour or half hour we are open and
—>the number of guests.
—> any special requests or needs (varying advance notice may be needed)
We also love it if you split the count between those needing high chairs, anything special, etc, and those who can use regular seats.  You can make resvs at any time, but we’ll try to warn you as soon as possible if seating is limited during the time you ask, especially if time is short.  Please read on for more helpful information below, general and special information you might find useful.

with Journalist GREG MCQUADE!

Click Here is the link
I HAVE A STORY Channel 6

Warning, NO MAKEUP WAS USED.  Very scary, extreme caution advised for sensitive viewers

Richmond Magazine ran a nice story on us in May 2019  We hope you will support this fine print & on line publication, as they are supporting their local readers and businesses.
Click HERE for a link to the story.  We extend particular thanks to Rich Malkman, Publisher and to writer Gary Robertson, who also sometimes portrays a certain talented but often cranky figure from America’s literary past, named after the 19th century nickname for safe water depth for steamboats on the Mississippi.  Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Jim would be proud of him.

ASK ABOUT details of OUR NEW return discount offer; In short you get 10% of today’s dinner value to use when you return for another visit within the specified time frame.  Only a few terms & conditions apply and our goal is to make it easy to use.

RESERVATIONS taken all days, not just on Holidays or for big groups—
 await confirmation after making a text or em request.  Be sure to give us your full name, the time on any hour or half hour and the number of guests with a separate number for high chairs or other special seating, thank you!  If you need any special arrangements, please let us know well in advance and await confirmation, as always.

Our Regular hrs reminder for “non-holidays”:

FYI regular hours Sunday Sept 1, closed M-Tu-Wed the following week as usual

Thursday – Friday – Saturday 5 PM – 9 PM
SUNDAY Noon – 8 PM
{Private parties other days/hours, just ask}
Reservations requested & taken, on any hour or half hour during those times

Click here for The Basics file for our regular days and hours.

We now welcome reservations AT ALL TIMES & DAYS for ANY size party, made on the half hour during our open times.   It definitely helps us serve you better & more quickly.   Please ask about Group Rates and easy bill splitting (if needed)—the former can save you $ and the latter WILL save you time.  We love our groups!

CLICK HERE for–Our regular days DINNER PRICE LIST (catering & takeout quantities information available, just ask)
Updated August 29, 2019.

Please make note!  We will soon be moving the restaurant website to
NEW look & feel – more information – clear format!

•••In fact you may start using that address now and you will be forwarded here until the new site is constructed•••
A click to reach the new Tanglewood site from ordinary.com will be on there indefinitely, too

Please feel free to send text messages to our main phone number, but please be sure any important message you send is clearly acknowledged or answered.  Caution: We have experienced delays in both email and voice mail delivery, and even with texts recently (very poor Internet service where we are; slow 1.5 mb, Verizon DSL being our only option)

PLEASE take note for all visits to TW
–if you have special needs we MUST know those in advance: allergies or similar dietary specifics, high chairs, access for a wheelchair, larger guests unable to use booth seating, etc.
We cannot claim to be specialists in niche menu items but often can make accommodations for some concerns, but we need that advance notice.
And please take note: On Holidays, in particular,
we often CANNOT quickly, or at all, fix these things “day of”; help yourself & us by noting them with your reservation request, so that we can discuss any challenges & solve them (we hope) in advance

Other information follows

CLICK HERE for–A Brief introduction to Tanglewood Ordinary–Our Tanglewood Video (prices shown in the video are out of date—many thanks, NOT, to Adobe for making an update almost impossible)


•••••> (CLICK HERE) to view our “THE BASICS” file; Revised 20181018
a good place to learn about our group rates and about easy separate check/bill splitting — easy when we do it the easy way


CLICK HERE to send us an email If your questions are not answered on this page (please use the HOLIDAYS email link above for HOLIDAY event inquiries, thank you!) Don’t forget calling or texting to our main phone number as well, if time is a factor (email is good for details & asking questions, but it can be SLOW getting here) We like texts more that voice mail since they are faster & easier to check 😉


If you do not receive a prompt response, please call or send a text–no means of contact is 100% error free!  We have experienced some odd slow slow email delivery problems, and even some affecting our voice mail capability, so we ask that you let us know if you do not receive prompt attention after sending an email.  Text messaging to our main number works even faster!


[Regarding Private Parties & Catering.  Please tell us as much as you can in the email so we can respond helpfully, especially if you are asking about a catering or banquet with unique requirements (most are that way).  The more you tell us, the more we can help and faster.   Email is great for general inquiries, setting up private parties, catering, and big events, especially well in advance.  But!!  Please remember that email is “not the fastest”,  so if time is short, please contact us by phone or, even better,  same number by text: 804-556-3284, since we can get text messages even when there is noise around during times we’re open etc]  HINT: Text messaging works better than leaving VM if we don’t answer.


Attention, 2020:  updates are in process for a lot of this information, and a new web site is in the works, so please stay in touch.

During our updating process, some menu items on this site may not work. Please be patient while we work through getting our site modernized and all information up-to-date.

For now, this page will be your best source of current information. We urge you to take a vantage of the links below.

CLICK HERE for–THE BASICS information (Good place to start for new customers; will be updated from time to time)

CLICK HERE for–Our BEER & WINE PRICE LIST (this does get out of date often, so please ask your server for more information)

CLICK HERE for–Our regular days DINNER PRICE LIST (catering & takeout quantities information available, just ask)

The Price List (non-holiday) (will appear as a PDF file in a new window)
Catering information
Groups information & Ticket splitting for groups
Our Tanglewood Plate dinners